LB ATM Savings Bank Electronic Mini ATM Piggy Bank Cash Coin Educational ATM for Birthday Gift

LB ATM Savings Bank Electronic Mini ATM Piggy Bank Cash Coin Educational ATM for Birthday Gift

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Brand: LB

Color: Sliver/Black4


  • Works like a real ATM - insert card and then enter a 4-digit secret code to access your savings
  • Deposit cash, check your balance or make a withdrawal ,Machine lights up and makes real ATM sounds!
  • Features a real time alarm clock with calendar & motorized bill feeder
  • Children's ATM Savings Bank helps kids manage their money with its realistic display
  • Notice :This version only identify the American dollar, but other versions can also be used. Requires 3x AA Batteries (not included)

Binding: Toy

Part Number: CQG0712

Details: LB Educational ATM Savings Bank This special atm machine can teach your child learning how to start a savings and not just withdrawing,it will tell him the importance of saving your money while having fun with it at the same time;He can learn life skills and money management at a young age;It teaches him responsibility and he's actually saving money! it will be a perfect teaching tool for your child . How to use it ? 1.Entering the ATM MODE and insert the supplied ATM card in to the slot. 2.Then the displays will show "ENTER PIN",you need enter the original Pin 0000 and then you can start using the ATM. Changing the PIN-press the CODE key and enter your new 4 digit PIN number and press the ENTER key to confirm. Deposit -Insert coins into the slot and it will recognize and display what the coins have been deposited.if you want to deposit the cash,you can choose the corresponding number key or enter the number,likeif you have 100$,you can enter 1 0 0 button and then press the ENTER. WITHDRAW-Press the WITHDRAW key,then the OPEN key will light up,press the OPEN key to release the door and take out the money you want. NOTICED : 1.Please check and replace the battery in time; If you don't use it for a long time, you can remove the battery to prevent the battery from corroding the battery case. 2.If there is too much cash inside, please take it out and put it in a safe place. Avoid storing too much inside, causing the piggy bank to be stuck. 3.Great gift for child 6-10,Not for children under 3 yrs. 4.This version only recognizes US dollars. If you want other versions, please feel free to contact us.

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 9.1 x 7.4 inches